Persian World Outreach Prayer Points  July 2002
OVERSEAS: Pray for:
  • Iranian pastors and their families who serve the Lord among the 5 million Iranians in the diaspora and for those dedicated pastors serving inside Iran.
  • Open hearts and open doors for the Gospel in the current crisis situation
  • The political situation
  • Romans 8:28
  • Outreach to Afghans in the United States
GREECE: Pray for:
  • N & R, a dedicated Iranian Christian couple who are ministering among Persian-speaking refuges
  • Kurdish, Afghan and Iranian refugees coming to the services
  • Praise the Lord that R was able to leave her secular job and begin fulltime ministry.  Pray that her visa will be granted so that they can stay in this strategic location.
IRAN: Pray for:
  • Those that have suffered during the recent earthquake.
  • Iranians in Iran who are searching for Bibles and Christian literature. 
  • Praise for the Gospel being shared via the internet
PAKISTAN: Pray for:
  • K & M, another dedicated Iranian couple serving among Iranian and Afghan refugees
  • The very difficult situation now in Pakistan
  • God's direction and strength.  Currently, they must meet in homes.  K & M may need to leave.
  • A Canadian church that is trying to help them.
UKRAINE: Pray for:
  • S & L who serve among Persian speakers.  Many Iranian students are coming from Iran to study.
  • Iranian Christian TV broadcasts going out from L.A. to Iran and throughout the Persian Diaspora via satellite.
  • Radio broadcasts that are also going out.
  • Praise for increase in opportunities via TV, Radio and Internet to spread the Gospel.  There have been testimonies of salvation and Christian growth as a result.
  • On July 21st two young Iranian Muslim-background believers (S & T) and one young Iranian Muslim-background man, (M) will be baptized at the Emmanuel Persian Church. Please pray for these young believers.
    • One of these women came as a university student and was contacted by an American missionary to International Students who developed a friendship with her and brought her to this Iranian church. It has been a struggle for many months as S as gone from, "It is enough to just believe in God," to accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
    • The other woman: T's family was traveling in Holland and met an Iranian pastor from TX. Her family got his card and passed it on to T who was in CA. T called this Iranian pastor in TX and he referred her to the church in CA. She began to attend and has since committed her life to Christ and to Christian service.
    • M works here in the US. The pastor of Emmanuel Persian church helped him with some paperwork.  He was touched by this act of kindness and continued to come to church. He heard the gospel message and received Christ as savior. It is amazing how the Lord works so deliberately in different lives.
    • Three more at Emmanuel Persian Church will be baptized after these.
  •  Please pray for E & S, an Iranian couple who had been ministering in Japan among  Iranians and have now relocated in California. They are serving in the Emmanuel Persian Church. Pray for their paperwork to be processed and for strength and wisdom as they minister.
  • Continue to pray for J from Virginia, serving with the Persian ministry for one year. Please pray as she  ministers in the local Persian Church and as she travels this month to meetings.
  • Praise the Lord for the recent Iranian Pastor and Christian Workers Conference held in Boulder, CO. Please pray as those who attended return to their places of ministry refreshed and strengthened from their time together.
USA - NEW JERSEY: Pray for:
  • Missionaries as they move to NJ this month to begin work among Iranians in MD and Northern VA. Pray for contacts in the New York City area.
  • Iranian Churches that they may be multiplied on the East Coast in strategic locations. Pray Matthew 9:36ff.
  • Praise for D, the mother of a missionary who is experiencing relief from pain and fatigue. Pray for God's peace and provision of a kidney.
  • PWO translation project of the Gilaki (a people group language in Iran). Six NT books have already been completed.
  • Also recently completed in Persian is "Rest and Joy". These are available through Persian World Outreach.
  • For more Iranian Christian Resources go to under "bookstore".
  • Praise the Lord for His answer to prayer for someone who could do web page design. Thank you for praying. J and her son N have done an EXCELLENT JOB. Check it out at
  • Please continue to pray for those called and gifted for ministry with computerizing inventory, distant learning programs, accounting, and simple data entry.
  • PWO also needs people to minister among Iranians in the Diaspora in various parts of the world.   PWO invites you to support this work prayerfully and financially.