Persian World Outreach exists to reach out to the estimated 80 million Persian-speaking people worldwide. Most of these Persian-speaking people are Islamic and need the opportunity to hear and respond to the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ.

The three priority goals of Persian World Outreach are:

To demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to Persian-speaking people
To carry out the Great Commission among Persian speaking people
To encourage others in outreach among Persian-speaking people

  Mission Statement
An Introduction to Persian-speaking People
An Introduction to Methods Used to Reach Out to Persian-Speaking People
1.  Christian Leadership Training
2.  Mobilizing and Equipping Christian Workers Among Persian-  Speaking People
3.  Church Planting
4.  Partnerships and Networking
5.  Distribution of Bibles and Other Christian Literature
6.  Humanitarian Relief Work
An Invitation to Share in Our Work
Getting Involved

An Introduction to Persian-speaking People
Iran, located in southwest Asia, is a country of 1.6 million square kilometers and is home to 75 million people. The official language of Iran is Persian. Persians, known as Iranians, began to settle in what is now Iran around 1000 B.C.

The majority of people in Iran are Shi'a Muslim. Approximately 99 percent of Iranians are Muslim (87 percent Shi'a and 12 percent Sunni); with 0.5 percent Baha'i; 0.4 percent Christian; 0.1 percent Jewish and 0.4 percent Zoroastrian.

In addition to the Persians, approximately 65 other ethnic groups reside in Iran.  Among these are Azeri, Luri, Kurd, Baluch, Turkmen, Ghashghai and Parsee. Some of these ethnic groups represent people who are oppressed, economically disadvantaged and, most importantly, unevangelized.  They represent people -- entire villages as well as individuals -- desperately in need of the gospel.

Also, millions of Persian-speaking  people have migrated to other parts of the Middle East, the United States, Europe and other areas of the world.  This dispersion opens a wealth of opportunities to minister and witness to Persian-speaking people around the world.

An Introduction to Methods Used to Reach Out to Persian-Speaking People
Persian World Outreach is reaching out in many ways to share Jesus' love worldwide with the millions of Persian-speaking people.  Among current outreach methods to Persian-speaking people are:

1. Christian Leadership Training
Through the Iranian Bible School (IBS), Persian World Outreach provides biblical, theological, vocational and educational training for Iranian pastors, missionaries, church planters and other church leaders.  Classes are taught in Persian.  The purpose of IBS is to equip Iranian Christians to share the Good News with other Iranians.  With an estimated one-and-a-half million Iranians and at least 35 Iranian churches and fellowships in the United States, there is a tremendous need to provide relevant and practical Christian training in Persian.

Certificates of Award are given by the Center for Evangelism & Church Ministries - a Division of Global University* for two levels of study:They are:

The Diploma of Christian Ministries (DCM), which requires 28 semester hours of study (14 two-hour courses).
The Diploma of Theology (DTH), which requires 62 semester hours of study (31 two-hour courses) and is designed for advanced training for ministry. 
A high school diploma is required for admission to the DTH program.

(Note:  Each level of study includes 3 units of 6 courses.)
Available courses include:

Old Testament Introduction, New Testament Introduction, Church History, Systematic Theology, Basic Evangelism, Introduction to Church Planting, Biblical Preaching, Introduction to Pastoral Care, Education Ministry and various electives.

Also, the IBS offers theological study in Persian through Distance Learning. Call or write for details.

2. Mobilizing and Equipping Christian Workers Among Persian-Speaking People
Persian World Outreach seeks to mobilize and equip Christian missionaries to minister among Persian-speaking people worldwide.   One missions opportunity is through the IBS missions internship program.

Pray for IBS students and others ready to go to the mission field.
Pray for Christian workers to be placed in strategic areas of the world with significant populations of Persian-speaking people, such as Turkey, Greece, France and the United States.
Help provide finances for students' transportation and living expenses for these summer missions experiences.

3. Church Planting
Persian World Outreach's first church plant, Emmanuel Persian Church (7115 Shoup Avenue, West Hills, CA, USA 91307 - Phone 818-888-5612) was started in 1996.  In addition to Sunday worship services, weekly Bible studies, and children's and youth ministries, the Emmanuel Persian Church strives to meet both spiritual and physical needs of its local Persian-speaking community, including both Iranians and Afghanis.

The church offers ESL (English as a Second Language) and citizenship classes as well as Persian language classes to the community.  The Emmanuel Persian Church also helps Persian-speaking immigrants become established in their new life in the United States by helping them find employment, housing, social services and a spiritual home.

Persian World Outreach's second church plant is:
 Iranian and Afghan Christian Fellowship in Vienna, VA.

Several American and Korean Christians minister alongside Persian-speaking leaders in this church-planting effort. 

Persian World Outreach has also assisted other Persian-language church-planting efforts throughout the United States.   You can become involved with Persian-language church planting in strategic areas by praying for and supporting the qualified national Persian-speaking Christians to serve as missionary church planters.

4. Partnerships and Networking
Persian World Outreach partners and networks with other Great Commission Christian organizations, churches and individuals around the world. The goal is to reach Persian-speaking people as well as other unreached Iranian people groups who may speak other languages.

Results of this partnering and networking are:

Many Persian-speaking people are experiencing the love of Jesus Christ in their lives.
New Christian materials are being developed and distributed in the Persian language and other languages commonly used in Iran.

5. Distribution of Bibles and Other Christian Literature
Persian World Outreach distributes Bibles and other Christian literature to Persian-speaking individuals and churches around the world as well as to other missionaries and organizations working among Persian-speakers.  Persian World Outreach serves as a resource agency for existing Persian Christian materials -- such as Bibles, New Testaments, tracts, videos, teaching and preaching cassettes and Christian music cassettes -- and develops new resources for distribution worldwide.

6. Humanitarian Relief Work
In addition to ministering physically and spiritually to Persian-speaking refugees in many parts of the world, Persian World Outreach is also prepared to offer humanitarian relief in events of earthquakes, floods, and other disasters to Persian-speaking people both inside and outside of Iran.

Persian World Outreach invites you to:

Pray for Persian-speaking people
Support this work financially
Join in this effort personally

Will you become our partner in sharing the love of Jesus Christ with Persian-speaking people worldwide?

For more information, contact:

Persian World Outreach
PO Box 62
Quinton, NJ 08072