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Entry 4 added on 9/13/2002 4:25:16 PM
Commentswow~ an awesome new look! the Lord's definitely planning for some "real tangible changes" for the iranians. iranian women now wear coats barely covering their bottom and fancy sandals without socks! the day's at our hand...the day......

| Website Entry 3 added on 8/21/2002 1:56:05 PM
Website DescriptionOutreach Mission & Life Enrichment Advocate. Christanity, Messianic, News from PacRim, Arab Christian Ministries, Muslims Who Seek
CommentsJesus power is real....Acts 1:8 The book of Romans is very plain on the plan God has for Salvation. The Book of Romans is the Good News of Salvation. AngelasWisdom AngelasGems

| Website Entry 2 added on 7/27/2002 10:50:13 PM
Website DescriptionThe Message of the Gospel in Kurdish
CommentsJesus is Lord and the Only Way. Keep up the Good Work

Entry 1 added on 7/23/2002 2:28:56 AM
NameJill Moinvaziri
CommentsHoping that many receive encouragement from this website. "Oh, what a wonderful God we have! How great are His riches & wisdom & knowledge! For everything comes from Him; everything exists by His power and is intended for His glory." Romans 11:33,36

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