There are many ways to become involved in reaching the Persian world for Christ.

Mission Opportunities - Work in Iran

Islamic Republic of Iran
is located in southwestern Asia on the Caspian and Arabian seas and the Persian Gulf Iran is 1.65 sq. km. in area. This is approximately 1/9th the size of the USA. The estimated population of Iran is 65 million. The official language of Iran is Persian (Farsi). It is an Indo-European language in the same family as English.

Religion in Iran: Shi'a Islam is the state religion of Iran. All deviations or defections from Shi'a Islam are subject to persecution. Patrick Johnstone in Operation World (Zondervan Publishers, 1993) estimated that 99% of Iranians are Muslim (87% Shi'a and 12% Sunni). .5% are Baha'i. .4% are Christian .1% are Jews. .04% are Zoroastrian.

Ethnic Groups in Iran: Over 65 ethnic groups reside in Iran. Some of the major ethnic groups in Iran are Persian, Azerbijani, Luri, Kurd, Baluch, Turkmen, Qashqai, and Parsee.

There are opportunities to contribute to the work being done in Iran.

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