Articles on the Church in Iran Source Article Date
Questions Muslims Ask Christians God's Love in Action Current
Iranian Christian Spared Deportation   ***NEW *** World Magazine Current
Don't Forget Iran's Christians  *** NEW ***   Current
Loving Our Muslim Neighbors The Christian Broadcasting Network Current
Bringing Hope to the Refuge Highway International Missionary Training Fellowship Current
A Tribute to Christy Wilson Urbana Current
Iran & Afghanistan to Have Christian Television Satellite Programming in the Ancient Farsi Language  Worthy News Current
Radio Voice of Christ - How the Gospel Reaches the Persian World   Radio Voice of Christ Current
Christian Radio in Turkey  The Journal of Biblical Accuracy Current
Country Profile for Iran  Christian Solidarity Worldwide Current
The Kurds  College Hill Presbyterian Church Current
Movements of 1,000's of Third World Peoples to Christian West    World Evangelization Research Center Current
A Refugee in a Foreign Land  Gregory C. Benoit Publishing Current
Christian Refugee Work: Iraqi Kurdistan  Christian Connection for International Health Current
The Persecution of Christians in Iran Jubilee Campaign Current
Current Articles on Iranian Christians Christianity Today Current
Iran: Axis of World History Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Current
Christians in the Middle East International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism Current
Church Growth - Islamic Government has Strengthened the Church Jesus Fellowship Church Current
  Christian Freedom International Current
The Hazara TC Online Current
Our Forgotten Brothers & Sisters Reality Magazine 2002
Jailed Azeri Christian Forced to Quit Job     November 11, 2002
Kurdish Human Rights Project      October 11, 2002
Iran:  Desparately Needs the Gospel    World Evangelical Alliance September 3, 2002
Christian Aid in Iraq    Christian Aid August 2002
Update - The Gospel for Every People    Porirua Elim Christian Church June 30, 2002
Update on the Suffering Church      June 2002
Afghan Rides 60 Miles to be Baptized      June 2002
Crisis in Afghanistan - Situation Update Christian Aid UK March 27, 2002
Iranian Christian Survives Church Attack Christianity Today March 25, 2002
Five Die in Islamabad Church Attack      March 2002
Keys to the Iranian Heart Intervarsity Christian Fellowship March 11, 2002
Light Bearers - The Bridge Report Bridge International October, 2001
He Witnessed to Him Anyway TC Online December 27, 2000
Bible Society Work in Iran United Bible Scciety 1999
Iran More Open to the Gospel than Many Believe Crosswalk October 7, 1999
Top 10 Nations Intolerant of Christians   April 1999
Iranian Delegation Visits Cyprus and Lebanon The Middle East Council of Churches March 1999
Germany:  Iranians Find Jesus through a Dream Jesus Fellowship Church UK 1998
Religious Freedom in Majority Islamic Countries-Iran Cristianita 1998
Persecution of Christians in Islamic Countries HRAIC - Human Rights Abuses in Islamic Countries October 22, 1998
Gujarati & Oriya New Testament Translation Completed World Bible Translation Center December 17, 1997
All for Some Servant Magazine Spring, 1997
Face to Face with Persecuted Christians
With Robak Hoospianmer, brother of Bishop Haik Hovsepian-Mehr
Church Link April 19, 1997
Our Muslim Neighbors Reality Magazine 1997
The Day of Christian Martyrs is Not Over Internet Christian Library April 1994
Prayer & Pressure Wins Release of Iranian Christian Jubilee Campaign January 18, 1994
A Cup of Tea with A Muslim Intervarsity Christian Fellowship 1993
Iranian Church Growing Media House International March 1989
The Oppression of Middle East Christians FOIGM Unknown
Shatter the Silence Compass Direct News Service Unknown

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